~Here We Go Again~

Well folks, it's been awhile, I know... but I am officially back from my extended haitus and I come bearing gifts.
Originally I came back thinking I was going to downgrade my buisness. This was what I had in mind when I started the rebuild... however, by the time I was a third of the way into the project, I realized I loved creating too damn much to downgrade and remain at a distance. What ended up happening was an entire rebuild of not just the store, but the entire land and the way the buisness is meant to opperate.

I lowered the prices and raised the visual appeal. I added a Guess & Win game because, well I thought it looked fun (and after testing it for nearly 45 minutes, I can assure you it's just as fun as it looked). I added some gift campers for those who would like to own ~A.C.D.~ products but simply don't have the extra linden... and I placed these around a brand new, enourmous Tree of Enchantment. I added a fortune telling fountain that works by donations, yes, but as little as a single linden gives up the forutne. As part of the Grand Reopening ceremonies, I put up a hunt containing of 13 dragon eggs holding a special addition costume and dragon from the new collection (more about the new collection to follow). I put out a new group only gift (more to follow about this gift as well).

I added a hangout area below the store... a beautiful oasis complete with one of the new animated water dragons and multiple spots for just chillin' out. (DEEP BREATH). I updated... no, completely overhaulled the teleport system to make it easier and more fun. I added a voting station and though I am still not entirely clear on whether or not these things actually work, please be sure to vote if you enjoy the new store layout and the goodies found there. I added more discount items... well, y'know what, just drop on by and find out for yourself what's all changed so I don't go on all night.

Look forward to seeing you folks there.

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