Grand Reopening Treasure Hunt!!!

Ok, after a very busy month getting things up and going again, and FINALLY it seems the end is in sight. One last, very quick post here tonight...

~Aries Celestial Designs~ first ever treasure hunt!!!! I have created a special edition of both the Dragon and the Dragon Warrior Costume just for this event and split it up into thirteen irridecent dragon eggs spread throughout my land. Now, all you have to do is find them. I have tried to make this resonably simple by keeping each of the thirteen eggs within sight of one of the teleporters on my land. Happy hunting folks!

New Group Gift!!!

Just a really, really quick note here folks... there is a new 4 piece texture-change set for members of the group.. my way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Can't wait to see you for the grand reopening!!!

~The Dragon Warrior Collection~ & ~The Dragon Collection~

Yes, it's been awhile since I've created any new content, but personally I think it was worth the wait.

This is actually two sister collections; ~The Dragon Collection~ and ~The Dragon Warrior Collection~. I am not going to go into huge details about these now, simply because these collections, whilst small, both speak loudly for themselves.
There are four dragons to choose from in total: The Animated Fire Dragon, The Animated Water Dragon, The Texture Change Gem Dragon, and the Texture Change Gloss Gem Dragon. The fire and water dragons have gently animated textures, making them beautiful and somewhat hypnotic to watch. The texture change dragons both come with fifteen different dragon scale textures built in that change smoothly via simple voice control.

As well, there are four dragon warrior costumes to choose from;
The Animated Fire Dragon Warrior, The Animated Water Dragon Warrior, The Texture Change Gem Dragon Warrior, and the Texture Change Gloss Gem Dragon Warrior.
These dragon warrior costumes opperate pretty much the same way as their dragon counterparts, however, each costume gives you the ability to show/hide one or both the wings and the cape. Also, the fire gems on all four of these costumes are animated. Each costume comes with all accesorries shown, and a free, fully modifiable shape.

Whether your interest is in the dragons or the warriors, they are all pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

~Here We Go Again~

Well folks, it's been awhile, I know... but I am officially back from my extended haitus and I come bearing gifts.
Originally I came back thinking I was going to downgrade my buisness. This was what I had in mind when I started the rebuild... however, by the time I was a third of the way into the project, I realized I loved creating too damn much to downgrade and remain at a distance. What ended up happening was an entire rebuild of not just the store, but the entire land and the way the buisness is meant to opperate.

I lowered the prices and raised the visual appeal. I added a Guess & Win game because, well I thought it looked fun (and after testing it for nearly 45 minutes, I can assure you it's just as fun as it looked). I added some gift campers for those who would like to own ~A.C.D.~ products but simply don't have the extra linden... and I placed these around a brand new, enourmous Tree of Enchantment. I added a fortune telling fountain that works by donations, yes, but as little as a single linden gives up the forutne. As part of the Grand Reopening ceremonies, I put up a hunt containing of 13 dragon eggs holding a special addition costume and dragon from the new collection (more about the new collection to follow). I put out a new group only gift (more to follow about this gift as well).

I added a hangout area below the store... a beautiful oasis complete with one of the new animated water dragons and multiple spots for just chillin' out. (DEEP BREATH). I updated... no, completely overhaulled the teleport system to make it easier and more fun. I added a voting station and though I am still not entirely clear on whether or not these things actually work, please be sure to vote if you enjoy the new store layout and the goodies found there. I added more discount items... well, y'know what, just drop on by and find out for yourself what's all changed so I don't go on all night.

Look forward to seeing you folks there.

Oops, nearly forgot...

I forgot to mention that despite being as busy as I am right now, I took the time to do up a fun little freebie ring for y'all to celebrate the coming of the new year. Swing by the store to pick up your copy of this 2009 Celbration Ring... complete with texture change abilities built right in.

A.C.D. on the Sl Homepage...

By now, dear readers, surely you know what I a glutton for media mention I can occasionally (or always) be. But, imagine my extreme elation when a good friend directed me to the new SL hompage, only to find that one of my costumes had made the cut!

I count the original Mayan costumes that I created for the Visit Mexico sim amongst my greatest achievments to date in SL, so I am extremely pleased see it here in the glorious spotlight.

Taking a mixture of this great honor into account, and combined with the fact that the really real world is going to be incredibly busy for me over the next month and a half or so, I have decided to place EVERYTHING in the entire store on sale for you, my dear customers. I will be placing EVERYTHING to a staggering 50% off. Don't forget... to recieve the discount, you'll need to purcase your item(s) from the vendors provided around the store. Unfortunately, I will not be around so much over the next few weeks, so whereas I would normally have no problem doing refunds should you purchase from the sales boxes by mistake, this time around I will sadly have to say zero refunds. I do appoligize for that, but it is unavoidable at this time.

Though I will be trying to check in at least a couple of times a day when possible over the next few weeks, If for any reason you should encounter problems of any kind with your new purchases, or even with making said purchases, and I am not around and you don't want to wait for me to be around (hehe) please contact Tigey Honey... he will be able to help you with most issues.

That being said, Happy New years!!!! I have some amazing projects planned (some already begun) for you in 2009, and once again, thank you for being the greatest, most loyal bunch of customers a girl could hope for.

Countdown to Christmas Continues...

G'day fine people! For today's special, I've placed everything from the ~Beyond A.C.D.~ section of the store on a 50% discount.

Also, in the spirit of the season, I've come to the conclusion that we all need a bit of a break from the heavy expenses both in RL and in SL.... with that in mind, I've placed my original silks collection, brilliantly titled ~The Silks Collection~ (hehe) on a permanent discount. You can now pick up any of 17 sets for a mere $25 L each. (please note: I have removed the fullset package of these silks.

Until next time folks, happy shopping:).