Another Renovation

I'm not sure how I keep doing it, but I seem to keep running out of space.
So, once again, I doubled my land, altered my store and renovated everything.
This time around, there's a few new things of worthy mention; on the second floor (yes, the second floor is new too) I added a Newbie wall. This is just horde of goodies I've purchased for just such a matter in order to help out some of the more linden challenged amongst us. It took me a sick amount of hours to sort through all the stuff I collected to create this wall (it's been an ongoing project for about 2 months now), which is the only reason you'll find much of it with a 1 linden price tag on them. For folks 30 days old or less, however, I've put together a male and female 'freebie package' that can be aquired through either myself or my partner. The packages contain a few of the esentials; skin, hair, eyes, shoes and clothing, and are provided absolutely free of charge. The entire idea, after all, was brought on by a desire to help out those just coming to our wonderous little community.
Also new, and located on the second floor, is the official ~Aries Celestial Designs~ discount wall. These items are not new, but the prices are. At the moment, the items on this wall are all from my first two collections created in game, but as that I can't seem to stop myself from building, look forward to finding more goodies up here eventually. I've cut this stuff down in price by about two thirds.
And finally, since I'm in such a jolly ol' mood about acomplishing so very much in the past few days... from now until the 15th of September, mention this post and recive half back on any ONE item purchased in store. (just IM me either before or after purchase and be patient... I'm away from the comp quite often these days.
Happy Shopping folks:)

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