~Enchanted Collection~

Original Rlease Date: December 13, 2007

This is probably the biggest set of goodies I've released all at once in awhile now. The entire collection was inspired by my rl daughter, six years of age, and currently going through a very heavy princess fad. She has been nagging me for awhile now about not having anything fitting for a 'royal ball' in the stores, so this one I dedicate entirely to her.
There are 12 different dresses in total. A color for every mood really. They are built in such a way that they could easily double for a wedding dress if the desire to use them as such were there, but they are in my opinion, just plain pretty.

As some of you are probalby already aware, I am not a big fan of the typical sl prim skirt. It bothers me more then I can even communicate to have it sticking out of my body all higgly piggly. I know that this is just the way things are done around here, and have been done since long b4 I came on the scene, but this doesn't mean I have to like it. Though I've used the typical method for skirt creation several times, the only other time I've made something even remotely formal, I opted to do it in my own style. Again, with this set, this is what I've done.

Rather then hiding the skirt pannels in the body, each attaches ever so perfectly (trust me, this is a time consuming method) to a delicate, gem lined waistband. As with all of the gems in this entire set, those on the waistbands are scripted to change through the 12 traditional birthstones via simple voice command. And yes, for the record, I am very much in love with this method of creation lately. I like to give a lot of options in my creations, but it makes it a little cluttered around the shop to be creating them in every different version. Much simpler, and more efficient I feel, to have them all inclusive with the different options.

Each of the 12 dresses sells for $500 linden. The packs include the skirt base, done on a pant layer as I very much prefer over the skirt layers, lace lined top, flex skirt, optional flex hairpiece, AND matching shoes. This is another thing that has become a recent obsession for me, adding the shoes in with the packs that is. I have a few too many outfits in my own inventory that I have such a hard time matching shoes to, that I often just go barefoot or dont bother to wear the outfits at all. Matching shoes included? Viola! Excellent. No fuss, no muss.

Along with the dresses in this collection, there is of course jewellery; Two necklaces, two rings, bracelet, and earrings in both gold and silver. I did the jewellery just a little different this time around. Let me explain. When I first started tinkering with options for the jewellery, I created a longer necklace that dangled ever so nicely on the chest, but seemed to be missing something to me. I then scratched that idea, and recreated a completely different necklace that I very much prefered. However, at one point I wondered how they would look together, so I placed the original necklace on the spine attachment, the favored on the chest, and I so much liked the combination that I decided to toss the original necklace in the collection after all. Also, though I may be entirely alone in this, I am a big fan of some of my metal shoe versions. The cold and silver can fit in so nicely with almost anything after all. So as an afterthought, I decided to do up a set of the shoes in both gold and silver to match the jewellery sets. Interestingly enough, these shoes turned out to be my faves in the whole collection. Again, all of these pieces come all inclusive with the texture change gems.

Finally, also upon my daughters beckoning, I did something I havent done in a very long time; I made an enourmous bundle pack that includes litterly every single piece from this entire collection. I also set this bundle at such an amazing discount that truly, it makes it very worthwhile I should think.

So in a nutshell, theres the Enchanted Collection broken down for you. Don't forget to pick up your free xmas goodies in store while you're visiting! And on that note.... have a very merry christmas folks, I look forward to bringing you some interesting things in the new year. :)

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