A few press mentions

Just a quick little note here today to catch up on some minor press mentions I haven't gotten around to blogging yet.
Firstly, from way back in September on Closet Crisis, a mention of one of my fave freebies; Womens Tantari Ring.
(found @ http://closetcrisis.com/?p=224 )

From Issue #11 of Second Style Magazine, a little mention of some of my items created for the Mayan project;

(found @ http://www.secondstyle.com/downloads/Second_Style_Issue11.pdf )

From one of my faves, Ameila Book, mention of my Changing Squares set;

(found @ http://slfashionnotices.wordpress.com/2007/09/12/new-pretties/ )

And again mentioning my newest jewellery set, The Enchanted Collection;

(found @ http://slfashionnotices.wordpress.com/2007/12/23/sensual-aspen/ )

That pretty much catches me up to date on all of the SL press I know about.

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