~The Classic Collection~

Original Release Date: May 13, 2008

Fresh off the presses!!! Ok that was a bit cheezy, but forgive me, I've just completed the part of the job that makes me cross eyed and crazy; sale prepping. Not more then an hour ago I placed out 130 new boxes for your shopping pleasure.

This collection can be neatly divided into two parts; the classic part of it, and the Celtic part of it.

The classic portion of this project is where it all began. Actually, to be more accurate, it all began with this neat image i stumbled across a few months ago that suddenly reclaimed my attention a short while ago. I knew from the moment I saw that image that I wanted to do some interesting things with squares, but it took until sometime about 2 weeks ago for the idea to completely solidify and start to become something.

The classic portion is made up of 5 very pretty gems, each seeming to emanate their own special glow from deep within. On this portion of the project, I opted for two different metals; a classic gold, and a classic silver, as that I am always big on options (don't forget, I'm not just a customer, I'm a client:P) and quite honestly couldn't decide if I liked the gold or silver versions better in the early stages, and thought that making both versions would be best.

There are 2 bracelets, a necklace, 2 rings and 2 sets of earrings in this classic look.

The second portion of this project is loosely based upon my personal love of all things Celtic. There are only 4 different gems in this second set, all set in a classic silver, but each piece of this set is truly amazing (yes I am just that modest). Since the conception of this project, I have forgone all other jewellery in it's honor.

For each of the four gems, you will find 2 different necklace styles, 4 different bracelet styles, 2 rings and a 'must have' pair of earrings.

Both portions of this collection can be found in jewellery fullsets, and I strongly suggest if you find yourself drawn to a couple of pieces in a set, go for the fullset.. hell, that goes for pretty much any bundle or fullset package in my stores. I tend to be very generous with the pricing on these bundle packages.

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