~The Rockstar Collection~

Original Release Date: March 1, 2008

So I wanted to buy a nice jacket... this is how this particular tale begins... I searched high and low, but just couldn't seem to track down just the style I wanted. Oh ya, and I completely hate prim parts that stick through my butt, I've mentioned this before, and though I realize that's how most of the skirts and such are made in Sl, I refuse to change my opinion on this matter and so it was that the few jackets I found that even came close to what I was looking for were eventually found wanting.

When at last I gave up on my jacket hunt, still unrewarded for all my questing, I opted to try my own hand at the creation of what I had been so passionately seeking. This resulted in the first of what would become 16 different jackets that were soon met with short train versions, and then by boots, and finally followed by an array of clothing in the ten non-leather textures.

The outfits remind me a little of cheerleader costumes in some of their forms, and are cute, sexy and fun in all their forms. I'm not even sure what the total count on this project ended up as in the end, but it is a tad on the side of massive.

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