~Aries Celestial Designs~ Surprise Relocation

Funny how some things can happen entirely out of the blue. Like, for example, I have been warring with the idea of purchasing new land in a faster sim for months now because of the extreme lag I’ve been experiencing in Crumbi. However, after a few days at a time of deliberation, for some reason in the end I just ended buy a new chunk of land in the same lag prone sim and tacking it on to my existing prim count. I kid you not, I started out with 768 there back in November, and own 3072 there currently, all bought a little postage stamp at a time.
I guess the biggest reason I hesitated so long was due to, in part anyways, the fact that I am always busy. Between seeking out and making new textures, banging away in Gimp, building new merchandise for ~Aries Celestial Designs~, helping my nearest and dearest around Bedrock, and this last month where a little ‘extra’ project needed special attention (and a whole lot of it) I pretty much run the clock ragged. I really didn’t want to take the time to shop for new land, build a new store, redo all of my landmarks, and set things up. And I suppose a part of my hesitation came from the fact that Crumbi was my first store, and despite the horrid (oh god it’d murder) lag, it’s been good to me.
The day before yesterday, however, was the final straw. I just stopped in to pick up a copy of something, and the lag was so atrocious I guess I snapped, because ten minutes after leaving my store, I found myself standing in the middle of a nicely sized lot in a class five sim. My partner and I debated the pros and cons of the matter for some time and the next thing we knew, BAM, plans began for a brand new store in a brand new sim.
Now, I did figure it would take me a lot more time to prepare everything, but as my partner likes to point out from time to time, I’m quite prolific when I get my mind set to something. Last night, after a little more then 24 hours since buying the new land, I had everything sufficiently in place and officially opened the store to business. So happy was I knowing that I was escaping the lag that had been making me nuts for months now, that I decided to put on a sale to celebrate. For one week, and one week only, everything in the new store is marked down to $100 L or less. It’s a pretty good deal all around, but in some cases it’s just a stupid good discount. Everything I sell was included at the sale prices, but I did take the bundle packs and combo packs out for the duration of the event... and one other thing; normally everything I sell is modify, transfer, no copy… for this event, things are set to modify, no transfer, copy. If you’re shopping for a gift for someone, fear not, the same items are still available with normal perms in my Bedrock store, and for the time being, at the Crumbi location, however, they’re full price. Sorry folks.

The evolution: this is the first time I’ve even looked at this original shot in months, and if it wasn’t labelled every so nicely, I’d never have even recognized it since the entire sim has changed so drastically since this was taken.

When the land in Crumbi first became ~Aries Celestial Designs~, it was little more then a handful of vendors… and due to having very little in the way of prims, we skimped a lot on the building itself as you can plainly see. Hehe

Almost current Crumbi

And BAM!! My new baby.

Ok, I’m done being nostalgic.

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