Chichen Itza meets ~Aries Celestial Designs ~

Just as I promised folks, it’s time to explain that last post. Why would I go through the trouble of reposting all of that information about something so seemingly unrelated to me and my stores you wonder? Well, that project I’ve been hinting at lately was in direct relation. Those costumes pictured above (worn by two of the hardest working people I know in SL) are my creation.
Some time in mid April I was contacted by Valiant Strangelove about the possibility of doing a new Mayan collection exclusively for an up and coming project created to boost the awareness of the Chichen Itza and inspire people to vote it into history as one of the new seven wonders of the world. I admit it, at that point in time I was a little bit like, “uh der, what who now?” But still, right from the start it felt right to me… like it was something I had to do.
Almost 2 months later, and a whole lot richer in my Mayan history knowledge, the sim made its official Secondlife debut today, and everywhere I looked were people wearing my creations. (the costumes are given as a thank you for voting at one of the many kiosks around the sim).
Biased by my involvement in the project or not, this is an amazing build. There is a beautifully scripted butterfly that gives a brilliant and educational tour of the sim, complete with a professional voice over and WOOT!!! mention of little ol’ me right at the end.
So make sure you swing by the Visit Mexico sim to vote; even if being part of selecting history doesn’t inspire you, the gift packages are well worth the trip. I worked my butt off on this one, pulling out all the stops to create some very unique items. As far as I know, the sarapes are entirely new to SL, and the jewellery for both the male and female costumes is utterly amazing. Yes, I am just that modest, hehe.
All in all, this has been an amazing experience for me, and I am greatly appreciative of having been given this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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