Destination Bedrock

I’d like to take a moment to talk about my favourite place in SL; Bedrock. Ok, perhaps I am just a little biased, as that Bedrock has been my home since pretty much the beginning, but regardless of that fact, I do believe it is a place that every single person in SL should visit at some point in their second life.
There are some pretty amazing builds all across the grid, but for those of us who grew up with the Flintstones, which is most of us, it is definitely like stepping back into our youth. There is really no other place in Secondlife I have found that gives me that same feeling.
Now let me give you the written tour as best as I can, but if you really want to experience the land, Tigey Honey is the man to see.
The landing point drops you just outside the yards of the Flintstone and Rubble houses where amongst the first things you’ll notice is a cut out of Fred Flintstone, and a green space ship. I strongly suggest two things if you want to get the utmost out of your visit; firstly, touch ol’ Fred there and get the note he passes out… included is a link to my store by the shore, and a map of the land layout which will prove very helpful as that Bedrock is rather big, with a lot to see and do. Second, I suggest you jump in Gazoo’s ship and take the official tour. This will give you some of the highlights along with commentary, plus it’s just plain fun.
Once the tour ends and you jump down out of the ship, please be sure to vote. A lot of work has gone into this sim, so it’s always nice to show your appreciation.
Now the tour by foot; I have long been in love with the dance pavilion in Bedrock. I have a habit of setting the sun to midnight to fully enjoy the light show whenever I dance there. Looks can be a little deceiving, as anyone who’s spent any amount of time searching for the many hidden areas in Bedrock will tell you, and there is more to this dance area than first meets the eye. I’m not going to tell you though, dear readers, how to find the entrance to the submerged dance floor… half the fun is in the seeking.
Next up we have the quarry office… home to the infamous Mr. Slate,
and next the quarry where Fred and Barney labour the day away before heading off for some fun and relaxation.
Be sure to take a ride on the Ferris wheel while
you’re in town; it makes for a very romantic stop for any couple. Plus, it’s dino-powered!! How cool is that?
Now, I haven’t played in awhile, too busy, busy, busy, but there are few things in SL funner then a round of golf at Bedrocks mini-golf course. Given, it seems pretty tough at first, but trust me, give yourself at least three holes to get a hang of things, and the next thing you know you’ll be the stone age version of Tiger Woods. Of course, that still wont help you beat me :P.
Just around the corner you’ll find the boutique wherein you will find some of the character AVs and some Bedrock style clothing to make your stay all the more enjoyable. That big building in the center you ask? Why, that’s the bowling alley, and up top is the future office of the Daily Slate.
Next up we have the Bedrock Fire Hall… home of the cutest elephant in all of SL. Our Fire Chief, Elly watches over things and keeps us safe from the inevitable volcano eruptions and various other emergency’s that arise from time to time.
Just across the road you’ll find the police station and kitty corner is the Water Buffalo Lodge.
(side note: just inside the reception area of the police station you’ll find a slew of wanted posters featuring the faces of some of SL’s most famous)
Now these are just a few of the highlights, words can not truly express how cool this sim is. There is a mud spa, a drive in movie theatre that plays free movies, so many hidden areas I really honestly couldn’t even tell you how many there are anymore, and a ton of interactive features.
Bedrock is as much a part of my Second Life as is ~Aries Celestial Designs~, the land is amazing, the company is unbeatable, and I am honoured to be a part of it.

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