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A few more public mentions to add to my portfolio today; nothing huge, but a couple nice little name drops that gave me a grin.

The first I nearly didn't add to the blog simply because, well, I nearly missed it. But after careful deliberation, I decided that, well gee, I just like seeing my name in print so why miss an oppertunity to pass it on? hehe
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The second is rather sweet actually; just a few mentions on Snapzilla posted (unsolicited) by a friend.

And the third and final for today is a small triumph that only I (and my partner who's had to watch me climb walls in anticipation of the day it would FINALLY happen) can really truly appreciate. My first (yes, only first of many if I have my greedy little way) mention in Linden Lifestyles.

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All in all, not a bad week for ~Aries Celestial Designs~.

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