~The Randomania Collection~

Original Release Date: July 22, 2007
Ok, wow, where to start. This is actually the second release of July, 59 boxes in total just put in Osato late last night. I have been unofficially referring to this as 'The Potluck Collection', 'The Randomania Collection' and 'That scary huge folder of stuff getting out of control in my inventory!!!'.
Truth is, in the end I never gave it an official name, and this is because this realease really does go all over the place.
It starts out with a trio of outfits I've dubbed the 'Vines outfits' that sort of fall more in sync with the 'Twisted Vines Collection' released earlier this month. The collection then goes on to include a set of silks and a pair of shoes from the silver 'Sweethearts Collection' released months ago. These are not new, not by any means. They were just sort of forgotten about during the original release and have been on my to-do list ever since.
There are lace dresses in ten different colors, all very kindly marked at a mere $75 L a piece. These were actually part of a project I also started a long time ago and sort of forgot about. Hey, dont look at me, I get busy...and well, easily distracted.
Now we're getting into my fave part of the realease; cross and heart-birthstone jewellery.
There are five unique pieces in the heart set; choker, armband, bracelet, ring and earrings; done in both gold and silver. Each piece is scripted to show all 12 traditional birthstones by voice command. Each piece is sold individually, and in fullsets at a discounted price.
I LOVE this stuff, its gorgeous, plus it takes me back a bit to my roots- remember, I began this little adventure making birthstone jewellery.
However, love it or not, I am NOT a scripter. In fact, I'm all but script illiterate. This stuff was hellish to create. Part of the difficulty was due to my lack of experience, but it really didn't help that I started (and at one point almost considered myself finished) with a less then great script. It was confused. It was confusing. It spewed all the info into chat. And worse then all else, anyone could change it, owner or not.
Last night I actually finished the jewellery up in it's entirety, boxed it, and put it in my main store. Unable to sleep last night due to a broken fire alarm going off in my apartment building, I kept thinking about that damn script. First thing this morning, I got my hands on a superior set of scripts, completely redid each and every piece of jewellery, reboxed and resubmitted all of it to the store. Phew!!
The cross set is also made up of five unique pieces; armband, chain, choker, ring and earrings. Each piece also comes in gold and silver, as well as being scripted (properly now thank you very much) to change through each of the 12 traditional birthstones. Unlike the hearts stuff though, there is a male version of the rings, bracelets and chains, and there is also a non scripted version of this same jewellery done in an extremely nice 'bejewelled' texture.
Last, but not least, are two outfits simply titled 'cross outfits' which I dearly love.
So that's the rundown. Sorry if this blog entry seems at all rushed, but um, well, it is. Places to go, people to see, prims to beat into submission, that kinda thing.

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