~The Twisted Vines Collection~

Original Release Date: July 9, 2007

Fast on the heels of my last release; Shapes by~Aries Celestial Designs~ comes this small (for me), yet beautiful collection of shoes and jewellery.
This marks the first release ever for me without traditional metal materials. No golds, no silvers, just three pretty versions of white, black and green with a nice mild shine. It is a lovely, organic collection including rings, bracelets, amrbands, necklaces, earrings and shoes.
This is also a momentous occasion for the fact that it is one project that didn't manage to get completely out of my control. Chalk that up to a busy Rl right now, hehe, but don't get too used to it.
In fact, I had originally intended on including silks, as well as outfits along with this collection, and am still holding that thought at the front of my mind even as I type this. There is a large possibility that I will attack that very thing the moment I've finished washing my hands of this part of the process, but I suppose we'll all have to wait and see.
This project began sort of by mistake/fluke back while I was still working on ~The Atlantis 1 Collection~. Some of what I create comes from my Rl tastes, some comes from careful planning and conception, but the majority really does just come into its own being. For some reason I was playing with a sphere... that turned into a flower... that eventually became this collection.
My personal fave in this set though is the shoes. It is no secret that I mostly dislike shoes in Sl greatly. This comes from the fact that feet are ugly enough in Rl, but our av's really manage to make feet look hidious, and the shoes usually draw attention to that nightmare. When I make shoes, I am not making footwear; I am making jewellery for the feet designed mostly to cover up to myself how very ugly our feet really are. That may be a very odd statment, but I never once claimed to be even:P.
Hopefully y'all enjoy this stuff as much as I already am, and keep your eyes peeled just in case the collection is added to later this month.

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