Introducing ~Beyond A.C.D.~

Since the beginning of my Sl building career, I have been obsessed with the little things. I don't just mean that I pay excessive attention to my builds, I mean that I obsessively build little things. There is just something about the torture and manipulation of those little prims that no giant building, or (pfft) sculptie could ever give me. However, this does not mean that I don't enjoy building other things from time to time. Quite the contrary...when I have need or reason to build things other then jewellery, shoes and clothing, I find I very much enjoy it.
~Beyond A.C.D.~ is just a little store add on to allow me to share some of that other fun with you guys. This is the place you'll find the other odds and ends that take up my Sl time.

At the moment, there are only 8 items in this section, but I assure you, the stock will remain small only for a short period of time. In fact, if my attentions weren't so otherwise driven right now, I have a handful of other items that would have already made it into boxes. Until I get to that point though, dear friends, I'm afraid you'll just have to make do with whats here.

This dance cage was inspired by a friend. 2 friends more acurately. They both have an obsession with jumping on every available dance pole they come across, and have long made mention of wanting their own. So I had a little free time one day, and this was the result. I seem to have a problem with simple. Nothing I ever attempt manages to come out very simplified. This item is further proof of this sickness. Sure, there is a dance pole in the center of it. But the surrounding cage can be lifted up or down. The lights can be turned on or off, and the colors can be changed at will. It's actually a little hypnotic to watch yourself dancing (I admit with a bit of a blush), as I found out one night. The only thing about this item that doesn't entirely please me, is that I have seen some great pole animations out there, but try as I might to find some with resell permissions, or even hire my own animator for the job, I was unsuccesful. Fear not!!! For it's fully modible. If you're a serious pole dancer, you can just drop your own fave animations into it and viola! away you go.

The Arbutus Rose Rocker is my fave!!! Arbutus is an interesting hard wood that's found on an island where I spent a great part of my childhood in western Canada. It's utterly beautiful. The chair is crawling with vines and roses, giving it a cool kind of rustic look. It rocks; just a nice gentle motion. And it comes with a great couples cuddle.

The Starlit Hottub I built with a purpose. I have long had this gaudy looking hottub on my property, why I kept it out, I'm not entirely sure, other then that I always meant to get around to building my own. Finally, I did just this. It was my first real attempt at playing with heavy scripts.. which, btw, I'm on all too fond of doing because it makes my brain ache. However, what came out of the experiment was this amazingly awesome textured piece of outdoor furniture, complete with properly set poses. Over 2 dozen of them. They're built into the base, so no pose balls to deal with, but feel free to add your own should you prefer.

The hottub felt a little lonely up on my garden roof... I felt it needed a little company. That's how the swing came to be. Didn't know at the begining that I'd end up loving it so much, but what is life if not shocking? Other then the fluid swing motion (which you can start or stop to your own desire), I added in some great pose balls, including the popular 3 person snuggle. It's not only pretty to look at, but no one needs feel left out:P.

The bamboo shots were inspired by my sister. You see, one day she was out shopping and came home with a set of them. One for me, one for her. Tis meant to be great luck to have one in your home, and better luck if you give one away (which is why these are sold in sets of two; one for you, one for a friend).

The next day, she was out shopping again (her poor husband's wallet:P) and she lost her purse. Inside her purse was more then credit cards and I.D.. She had their passports in it (2 adults, 2 small children). She had her cash, but not reallyl a big enough portion to matter that much. What was most unsettling at the loss, was that she also had almost $20, 000 in gold and jewellery in it. I know, maddness right? Well, they travel a lot, and were currently in the midst of a flux, she was only holding on to it until putting it into a safe, but just hadn't quite gotten to that point yet.

Anyways, she lost it all and as you can well imagine, was entirely disfunctional when she called to tell me what had happened. To make this long story a little shorter, let me say that we are in a large city. The area where she lost it is well known for it's poverty, and the thought of her ever getting her purse back was pretty much a joke, to my way of thinking. However, after less then 45 minutes of her having a total meltdown, while she was giving her statement to a police officer, a call came in from the cop shop that a purse matching her description had just been turned in. Lo and behold, it was hers. Not a thing was missing.

So maybe there is still some good left in the world... and maybe the bamboo she'd brought home the day before had given her a little extra luck, but from that point on I think we both started looking at the lucky bamboo shoots with a little extra superstition. I now own a horde of them, as does she... most of mine were gifts from her, lol so since I never spent much on them, I guess that makes me lucky already.

Truly good luck or not, these are just cute as hell and look great around your abode. I made the pots touch/color change so that you can set them to match your decor, and I made them in 4 different options because, truthfully, I had a few tables needing adornment in my place and that's just how many came to be in the end.


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