~The Shapes 2 Collection~

Original Release Date: June 10, 2008

The release date on this one could be a little off, as that it's availability coincides with a HUGE (soon to be announced) event here at ~Aries Celestial Designs~. But let's just say, for the sake of argument, that I get things all finished up according to my personal time schedule. If this is the case, then the first day these shapes are available to the public will indeed be, June 10, 2008.
At any rate, voila!!! 20 new shapes for your shopping pleasure. Ten male, ten female. Once again, please note that the sale is for the shapes only!!!
Being as that I am a sales junkie myself, and that I can't seem to go five minutes without browsing through pages on the SL Exchange website, I have managed to obtain disgusting amounts of goodies. Many of these goodies, I have purchased for the soul purpose of making them available to you, my wonderful costumers. That said, I have put together boxes of these goodies; 1 male box, 1 female box, and have included them along with these new shapes. Both boxes contain a handful of hair, skins, eyes, clothing, and I'm sure the odd other thing here and there. Do with them as you wish; share them, wear them, toss them, it's entirely up to you, but I do hope you enjoy them. The skins, eyes and hair used in the photos for these shapes, are NOT included in the box, except for in a few cases where these items just so happened to be mine to freely redistribute.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me break this down for you a little (as best I can), in case you wish to acquire the exact look on the box.

(The Vampire; Eyes: Dragonfly Red Demon, Skin: SYD-Male Goth Skin, Hair: Zyrraphotic Hair-Mohawk Freebie. Brat Oracle-black.)
(The Deep Thinker; Eyes: Dragonfly Dark Brown, Skin: (LfO) Dark Tan-Emo Kid, Hair: Dirty Biker Flexi Hair, ***This Hair Found In Male Goodies Box***)
(The Surfer Boy; Eyes: Dragonfly Baby Blue, Skin: Skin 010-c, Hair: Electric-Goldenbrown)
(The Skater Boy; Eyes: Dragonfly Ocean Blue, Skin: (LfO) Light Tan-Emo Kid, Hair: Beanie (beached))
(The Punk; Eyes: Dragonfly Grey, Skin: (LfO) Pale Skin-Emo Kid, Hair: Punk (platinum-Red))
(The Mr. Right; Eyes: Dragonfly Sand Brown, Skin: Photorealistic Steve Skin, Hair: none, ***This Skin Found In Male Goodies Box***)
(The Marine; Eyes: Dragonfly Dark Brown, Skin: Michael Photorealistic Skin, Hair: none, ***This Skin Found In Male Goodies Box***)
(The Football Star; Eyes: Dragonfly Tropical Paridise, Skin: Alex Skin, Hair: none, ***This Skin Found In Male Goodies Box***)
(The Boy Nextdoor; Eyes: Dragonfly Steel Grey, Skin: Skin 010-B, Hair: Red Ruffles (tinted black), ***This Hair Found In Male Goodies Box***)
(The Bouncer; Eyes: Dragonfly Emerald Green, Skin: Unknown Male Caramel Vandyke, Hair: Braids (Cocoa))
(The Wild One; Eyes: Dragonfly Dark Brown, Skin: [ND]Haley Drama Skin(4)Night, Hair: Calico Tesha-Flaming Midnight)
(The Temptress; Eyes: Dragonfly Tropical Paridise, Skin: Tuli 55 tan~diva 3, Hair: Calico Ember-Dirty Blonde)
(The Succubus; Eyes: Dragonfly Red Demon, Skin: Fantasy Tattoo Skin Tattoo Eyes Dripping, Hair: Calico Trinity-Dark Brown (tinted red))
(The Petite Lass; Eyes: Dragonfly Auburn, Skin: Another Skin-(CfO), Hair: Calico Sarah II-Dark Brown)
(The Party Girl; Eyes: Dragonfly Steel Grey, Skin: Another Skin-(RfO), Hair: Calico Raven-Obsidian Dirty Blonde)
(The Maiden; Eyes: Dragonfly Dark Brown, Skin: Another Skin-(FfO), Hair: Calico Amy-Dark Brown)
(The Innocent Beauty; Eyes: Dragonfly Sea Blue, Skin: Another Skin-(LfO), Hair: Panache Hair *Whitelies*Candie Vonta*Hair Coppertone Auburn)
(The Geisha; Eyes: Dragonfly Dark Pink, Skin: Glam- Pink Make-up, Hair: Calico Kimiko-Sterling Midnight (tinted purple))
(The Belle; Eyes: Dragonfly Mohogany, Skin: Another Skin-(SfO), Hair: **WigOut~Bryce-Shagged (F)**-Spellbound)

(The Athlete; Eyes: Dragonfly Starry Green, Skin: (CS) Vogue Skin-Cashmere (Brown-Smoky) Freckled, Hair: Calico Sarah-Dirty Blonde)

You'll note that all eyes used in these photos are from Dragonfly... there's an easy explanation for that; Their eyes are the best, I love them and own them all. Visit: DFO Shopping,DragonFly Designs,T, DragonFly Oasis (127, 113, 73)

You'll note that nearly all female hair is from Calico. Again, there is an easy explanation; Their hair is the best and I own a ton of it. Visit: Calico Creations Main Shop, Calico Kitty (124, 70, 35)

Many of the skins and hairs used in these photos came from Gnubies Store. Visit: Powder Mill (121, 142, 34)

And finally, you'll note that there is a little star over the bits and pieces on every male photo, while the female photos all get to go bare. Simple again; the goofy prim penises make me laugh, and the body without them reminds me of a creepy Ken doll. So sorry boys, its a B.Y.O.P. (Bring your own penis) event.


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