~The Beauty In Chains Collection~

Original Release Date: July 3, 2008

My designer roots in sl are very much planted in birthstones and silks, and so it is no great mystery why I continue to return to these stations time and again.
This, however, is the first time I have combined the two together.
An interesting project, this started out a lot simpler then it in time became. It was also a long time in the coming. Basically there have been a few things rattling around in my brain for quite some time; I wanted to do something with bells, as that I find their sounds so pretty and unbelievably soothing. I made a point of tracking down some great scripts for this, but seemed to be continuously sidetracked ever since.
Simarily, I wanted to do a project with the tear away option, and managed to track down the scripts for this some time ago as well... but it also ended up on the back burner. And the final inspiration here, was the fact that though I have done several sets of silks, I had yet to create any along the traditional sl lines, opting in the past to always go with something a little different, and I really did want to try a more traditional approach. In the end, all these factors and more went into ~The Beauty in Chains Collection~.

These are full prim work, no texture illusions, just pure and wonderous prim torture.
All sets come with 13 menu-driven, tear away prim parts. This includes 2 seperate skirt options (one fuller, one more revealing), all jewellery pieces, body chains, nipple silks, shoulder silks and armband silks. There is also a scripted slave collar that comes complete with master & slave huds.
It is important to note here that I did this only for it's added fun factor, the collar scripting is in no way meant as a selling point. In fact, the scripts used here are the freebies that can be found on Slexchange of late. Free or not, they make for great fun.. and should I ever get my hands on a better set of scripts, I do plan on doing a full update.
Beyond that, if you look closely at the pictures (photos that once again, sadly do not convey the detail as greatly as I would prefer) you will see tiny prim bells adorning several of the pieces.
I LOVE THESE!!!! It took me about a week to settle on the perfect bell sounds, but it was worth the time and effort. They tinkle so softly, so seductively when you move that I cant make myself sit still very long when wearing them. I am a little goofy when left to my own devices however. Each set also comes with pantys and bras in the matching fabrics, but these parts are merely for the meeker silk wearer, and are almost unnecesary.

I used 12 different silk and gem textures here (based on traditional birhstones), and rather then doing up a bundle set as I have done in the past, I created one set with the texture change abilities that I have so come to love and adore.
This set is SERIOUSLY the most complete set of silks I can even imagine (and I do have quite the imagination) I set them to change on a simple voice command that allows you to change all the fabric and gems as a whole, picking from the 12 options, OR you can change gems only, or fabrics only, letting you mix and match looks to your hearts desire.

Best of all, this entire set is (as most my items) modify, transfer. Meaning of course that you can add your own sounds, your own textures, your own dialogue on the tear away parts, and create something completely unique. Have fun, but PLEASE be careful.. I mean seriously, I don't want to have to replace a billion parts because something got messed up.

I think that about covers it on these silks, at least so far as I can think right now.

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