Because I like ya:)

So 2:00 p.m. on thursday July 3, 2008 marks the end of the great grand reopening sale... sale ending brings sadness, yes?:(Well, truth be told, the only reason it's gone on this long is because I was so obsessively working on the latest release that I forgot to end it two weeks ago) But rejoice!! There is good news as well. The minute the grand reopening sale officially ends, a discount will go into place for group members. From this moment forward, all ~Aries Celestial Designs~ group members will automatically get a 15% discount off any and all items purchased via the vendors in the homestore in Osato. (REMEBER THE VENDORS PPL!!! No refunds if you forget!!!) And why might I do this? Simple... you guys are the reason I sit up in my dungeon for hours at a time creating the goodies I create. Your love and support makes this hobby on steriods worthwhile, so why, I figure, shouldn't you enjoy the benifits?

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