~The Zodiac Collection~

Original Release Date: September 4, 2008

This is the 23 full sized collection I've released since starting this little adventure. Do you have ANY idea what that means to my poor inventory? A smart woman would have hired someone already to help keep things moving along, but I have yet to be accused of being any such thing:P. Anyways, this was a fun one, although, a very long one in the making. I'd intended to have it out last month, but a busier summer schedule and an excessively complex set such as this was, just wouldn't allow for such optimistic time constraints.

Anyways, without further ado, let's take a look at the brand new ~Zodiac Collection~.

Somewhere along the line, I decided I enjoyed jewellery that was a little more interactive then most of that available to us in the boring old real world, and being as that Sl allows for nearly anything my fevored little mind can think up, this collection is yet another that tickles me completely.
Every single piece of jewellery in this collection does some pretty nifty things; a) its all set up with color change abilities. I used the drop down menus for this one because, though it doesnt give you quite as many color options (c'mon people!!! How many choices do we really need??) it's a lot simpler to navigate. The less I have to remember, the smoother life goes on my end. Besides, even with the drop down menu, there's still something like 70 different colors to choose from. b) every pendant is set up to swap between the regular and glyph zodiac symbols via simple voice command. c) every tiny metal piece on this jewellery is scripted to change between 4 different metal choices via simple voice command (gold, silver, white shine and silver shine). d) (and this is my very fave feature) tiny, lightly glowing stars move up, down, around.. basically all over the place in a very random flow... hightlighting the zodiac symbols on the pendants.

These built in extra features allow the owner to match the jewellery perfectly to their outfit, their hair, their own personality, whatever... and to ensure that each owner has something unique.
Being as that, as most of my items, these are all Modify/No Copy/Transfer, you're of course welcome to change your pendant to whatever you'd like it to be.. I'll leave that entirely up to your imagination dear reader.

The final part of this collection is a set of clothing. It's fairly simple stuff, and yet, I really love these outfits. Rather then making them available in a wide range of fabrics, I did them all in a light shade, but being as that they're fully tintable, you can pretty much get whatever look you're going for with a little tinkering around.
As per usual, there are fullsets avialable as well. And as per usual, I suggest if you're interested in purchasing 2 or more items from the collection, you opt for the fullset instead. I price these at a huge discount overall. The fullsets include everything for the choosen birth sign; ring, earrings, necklace, armband, bracelet, belt and outfit.

If you're planning to purchase something from this set as a gift, please help yourself to a free Zodiac Chart in the stores to make sure you're getting the right sign.
For now dear reader, that's all I have the energy to write... until next time, happy shopping.

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