~The Warrior Collection~

Original release date: October 14, 2008

There was an entirely different project that, perhaps, this post truly should have been about. A great, very straight forward (for me) sort of project that was nearly finished before the following project was even imagined. HOWEVER… nearly at the end of that project (I should be able to get that out to y’all in the next week or so, barring RL complications), for some reason I started messing around with this one little prim that I’d tortured some time back and had left sitting on my work table. Just a little, insignificant prim… and yet somehow, it inspired me to create an entire collection around it. What came from this accidental inspiration, I would now like to introduce to you as ~The Warrior Collection~.

Thirteen highly detailed parts make up these costumes… each piece entirely prim. In fact, the only non prim part is the shoe base. Personally, I believe this to be the best work I have yet to do here, and I am extremely proud of what I accomplished.

The bikinis in this set stand amazingly well on their own, as does any of the jewellery or the shoes.

But the way it all comes together is something else entirely. The sets definately boast a dangerous, warrior look... but without giving up any of the sex appeal most armor forces you to do without.

When I first put this set together, I did so all in a blank texture, with no real idea yet of what the finished product would actually look like. In fact, not even entirely certain it would ever become something that would go any further then my own inventory. However, after a while it became clear that I was in the process of creating something rather amazing, and by the time I was finished the initial construction, I knew it was something that deserved great thought and respect when it came down to texturing. Great thought and respect it got… and an insane number of work hours… before I was happy with my texturing choices. I decided in the end to make the metal parts a nice mixture of different shades of bronze. I opted for this, mainly because the bronze hues gave the items such a perfect pop that after I started to apply them on the first test set, I had begun to dislike all the metal tests that came before as remotely viable options.

Once the metals were decided upon, the fabrics fell into place quite simply. This is where the collection actually sort of divides into two separate sections. The first section is the rich textures, the ‘gloss’ fabrics if you will. These are a set of 14 beautifully bright, lovely silky-satin textures that I added a low shine too because it made the textures stand out so nicely. I also added into this first ‘gloss’ section, variations of the two bronze hues I used in the metal parts, simply because in the early texture testing, I saw how nice they could look (with a slight modification) as the fabric parts as well.

The second section is the animal skins, or ‘flat’ textures. These were a natural choice that had been floating around on some vague level in the back of my mind since I first started to realize this was to become a full project. A natural choice because I simply love the look of the animal textures for one thing, plus I find about 95% of the animal skin clothing options in SL to be pretty boring and have wanted to do a sexier, more original set for ages. There are 9 of my favourite skins and leathers used in this collection.

Also, rather then doing up gigantic boxes of full sets to give people the option of purchasing all of the different looks at a discount, I have taken a shine to cutting down the parts by adding in the texture change abilities when possible. I found another chance for that here. You can purchase either the ‘flat’ set, or the ‘gloss’ set for less then the cost of 3 single sets. That’s a hell of a deal if you ask me, especially considering I’ve also added in a free Modify, No Copy, Transfer shape… a $500 L value in my stores… just to make sure you can achieve an absolute perfect fit directly out of the box. The great thing about having these shapes at your disposal is that before you start trying to resize any of the prim parts from the set, you can see exactly how they’re met to look (perfectly fit), then either make adjustments to the shape I’ve included, or adjustments to the costume on your own shape with a bit more understanding of how each piece was intended. As usual, I will make myself available to you if you need a hand adjusting any of the parts, but I think this will simplify things a little for most people.

I have priced this entire collection on the low side, despite the extreme pride I feel for it. Each of the single sets is a mere $400 L and the texture set packs are only $1000. Considering that the jewellery, shoes, and the shape are all included, it’s a pretty killer bargain. I’ve done this for two basic reasons; a) the world economy is a nightmare right now it seems, and like the rest of you, I know I’m on the hunt for bigger and better deals all the time. And b) I wanted to make sure that these sets were affordable for everyone, because I love them so much I almost NEED to see them shared and enjoyed.

That about sums up ~The Warrior Collection~. I hope y’all enjoy it even half as much as I already do. See you soon with the other project I mentioned, and until then, happy shopping :).

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