Peace On Earth Hunt

Well the Peace On Earth Grid hunt began today, and much to my relief, I DID manage to relalize my vision and get my project put together on time. There was a point this past weekend when I was certain I wouldn't get it finished:(. Appearently I think too big, and wanted too much out of myself for the six or so days I had to work on it.. but it's my motto that anything worth doing outta be big and bold. And this was DEFINATELY worth doing.
I created two costumes; one male, one female. Both based on a Hungarian folk theme. I shamefully admit to spending a lot more time on the female costume. I did this for a few reasons... a) I mostly create designs for female avs... I like to be very detail oriented and it seems to me most men prefer simple. b) most of my customers are therefor female. c) I rather hate being in drag while I'm creating for men. And d) the costumes that inspired my creations were a lot simpler for the mens, and from the start, I knew if I was going to get done on time, I would have to give the female costume a whole lot more attention.
Anyways, the hunt is on, the goodies are out.. I hope y'all enjoy them.

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