~The Pierced & Painted 2 Collection~

Original release date: November 24, 2008
BIG sigh of relief... Ok folks, here it is, FINALLY, the long awaited second addition to ~The Pierced & Painted Collection~. It is without exaderation that I tell you, this was the TOUGHEST project I have yet to get out. Not that it was the most complicated thing I've ever built... because I've built some pretty insane things in my time. It's not even completely that the texturing was torture, though, some of the texturing work that went not only into the pieces in this set, but the vendor shots as well, was truly grueling. I think what leant most to this being such a complicated project for me to finish though, was the fact that the entire month of November has been insanely busy for me. I have been in the midsts of revamping the buisness, I put out the Flutterbye Collection, I've been researching a very cool, very complex project that I will be starting on tomorrow with any luck.. (that I'll really only have about a week to see from begining to end)... and I've created the most extreme tattoo and piercing collection concievable.

To be honest, I'm beat! But that's never slowed me down before. I'm going to sumerize this collection as quickly as I can for y'all, simply because if I still have a chance of actually getting it all out tonight, I still have a bunch of little ends to tie up. So here we go....
Realistically, this collection really could have been released as three seperate collections, but that's just not the way I roll:P. The first section of this project, is the new corset piercings.

When I did the original P.A.P. collection, I wanted to experiment with bringing these odd, yet interesting, piercings into Sl. I did that, and for a long time, I was happy with them. I've also sat back shocked at just how popular these piercings turned out to be. But with time, there grew in me a desire to revisit this idea, because I knew, with a little more time, and a lot more patience, I could take these piercings from something mearly cool, to something truly amazing. I am SOOO glad to say, I have even managed to impress myself here. These things look absolutely stunning.

There are three different corset piercing types to choose from; set 1 is done with glossy satins. Set 2 is done using animal skins (It is important to mention here that no animals were hurt in the creation of this product. Here at ~A.C.D.~ we are 100% animal friendly and use ONLY faux furs and leathers.). Set 3 is done using a selection of my most elegant fabrics, each one very femine and pretty. Each of these sets comes fully stocked with 15 textures built right into the laces. Using very simple voice commands, you can pick the color/style of your choice to fit your outfit, mood, or whatever.

The metal hoops on this jewellery come with 12 popular precious and semi-preciuos metals built into them. Using simple voice commands again, you can easily swap from gold, to bronze, to silver to... well you get the idea.

In each of the 3 texture sets, you'll find a chest corset piercing, side piercings (sets of 2), leg piercings (sets of 2), arm piercings (sets of 2), a long back corset, a short back corset, and a stomach piercing.

You can purchase them seperately, or in a full pack (all the piercings for that particular set) for a discount that is nearly 50% off.

Ok, that brings us to the second section of this collection; cross and dice facial and body piercings.

I created these out of the simple desire to have a little more variation in my own piercing collection. Of course, however, I'm sharing with all of you.

For either the dice or the crosses, there are a ton of different piercing options (sorry folks, it's getting late so I'm not sticking in EVERY vendor shot right now). I also threw them together into piercing fullset packs for those of you, like me, that can never pick one or two from a set. And with the fullsets, I tossed in a bonus matching ring and choker.

BUT WAIT!! Lol, that's not all. You get even more with this jewellery because once again, as I seem so prone to do lately, I've added in some texture change options. Firstly, the gemstones all come loaded with the 12 traditional birthstone textures. Secondly, the metals are pre-loaded with the same 12 popular precious and semi-precious metals you'll find in the corset piercings. Mix em, match em, add your own textures to the bunch... it's always good to have choices.

The third and final section of this collection is something just a little different. I'm not really sure if there is much in the way of prim tattoos floating around or not, but it's something I've wanted to play with ever since I did the last P.A.P collection.

I ended up creating 'tattoo packs' rather then singles, becuase, in case I haven't mentioned it enough already, options are good!

For each of these 'tattoo packs' there are two more subdivisions; 1) the regular packs, and 2) what I like to call the 'Rave tattoos'.

There are nine packs of each, coming to a total of 18 tattoo packs to choose from. In a regular packs, you will get 3 different sized tattoos. At first, they may appear the same, other then av allocation and size, but there is a little more to them then meets the eye. All 3 of the tattoos in each of the nine sets comes loaded with 8 options (10 in the case of the animal pack), and you guessed it, I got it all set up on voice command texture change. You get 4 full black textures fitting the pack theme, and the same 4 textures redone in a tintable white haze. They are also scripted with a drop down color change menu activated by touch.

The Rave packs are my favorite though...

...you get the same 4 picture options in each of these packs, but I did not add in the full black versions. These tattoos are set to glow, AND they are set on a very cool color cycle that smoothly moves from one color into the next. So smoothly, in fact, that even while you're staring right at them, you often don't notice the change until you suddenly realize it's a completely different color.

With all of these tattoos, they are, as per usual with my goods, fully modifiable. So go ahead and move them, resize them, add your own alpha textures into them... whatever you like so long as you're having fun with them.

Like I said, I'm pretty beat, so if that description sounded more confusing then helpful, just look at the sales textures... I was a little more awake when I did them:P.

There are two more things I'd like to mention before I get my butt back off to work: 1) Beacause of how truly proud I feel about this second addition to the P.A.P. Collection, I now feel like the first addition pales in compairson. Something I was told by some of my favorite costumers was not at all true, but something that I feel just the same. For this reason, I will be putting the original set (found in vendor form only now, on the second floor of the main store) on perminant discount.

2) Look for the Kitten & Co. Accessories on the third floor of the main store. These are lovely designs brought to you from brand new SL designer, Merma Wijaya.

Ok, that about ties it up. Later on, when I have a bit more time, perhaps I'll come back and add in the rest of the sales textures for y'all.

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