~The Silks Collection~

Original Release: December 2006
(shown above: silks fatpack, 9 of the most popular sets, including a tintable white satin set, bundled together at a discounted price of $1000 L)
I may not be the submissive type, but since the first time I seen them in game, I found silks to be one of the sexiest, most feminine creations imaginable.
While I was still in the process of completing ~The Birthstone Collection~ I collected a few sets of silks for myself, even if I didn't have any real need or purpose for them. What I found though was that, while flowing and pretty, the sets I collected were a) no mod and thus impossible to get a perfect fit (god how I hate not being able to force things to fit my av perfectly. So much so in fact that I refuse to purchase anything in game with no mod prim parts unless the layer work is so phenominal I can't resist) and b) kinda boring on the fabric side of things. The sollution? After completing ~The Birthstone Collection~ I started playing with flex a little and trying to get a hang of the whole silks idea. Turned out the skirts were incredibly basic (go figure, a few simple panels put in the right places and BANGO! you got it baby). The real challenge didn't come in for me until I started on the tops. I started out by making something really simple in Gimp, sort of resembling the tops that came with my purchased silk sets... but looking at it on, I found it incredibly bland. I was so in love with flex that I decided to attempt a full prim top. The outcome was a very pretty flex and bubble bead top that sways so nicely when you move I can't help but fall back in love with the silks every time I put them on even now. The way the tops are put together allows for just enough sway of the front panels to hint at the nipples below without ever truly exposing them.. I love that, hehe.

When it came time to texture the sets, I used some very lovely silks and satins I'd come across for the majority of them, but then imported a few of my own fave fabrics to give some of the sets a really unique look. (shown on left: Fall Fairy silks) When I first put them in the store, I expected the more unique ones to not sell too well at all.. after all they were created based on my sometimes weird tastes, and I just didn't expect them to be very popular. As it turned out however, the different fairy silks did (and still do) much better then the simple silks and satins I used. Go figure. (shown on right: Black Japanese Silks)
There are 17 sets in all to chose from, each coming with matching panty, flex armbands, ankle bands, flex skirt and top, plus as a bonus, I tossed some simple bubble bead and lock chokers into the boxes when I prepared them for sales for those a little more bold then myself that prefer the topless look, but still want a little extra decor above the waistline.

Though my prim work skills have advanced greatly since those early days, I still have a soft spot in my heart for these silks and the experience gained in creating them was priceless.

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