~A.C.D.~ Is now ALSO on Facebook

Yep, I've been a busy little girl, and now Aries Bricklin/~Aries Celestial Designs~ can also be found on Facebook (I'll be setting up a store group there as soon as I find a few spare minutes, but right now, I'm in a mad rush all of a sudden to get the newest collection finished and out for you). Officially, Aries can be found in more places online than her typist (that'd be the really real me) could ever even try to keep up with.
And just to see if y'all are paying attention... the first five of you to leave a message on my Facebook page will get a free gift from me. What gift? Bwahahaha.. that's for me to know and you to find out. Oh ya, PLEASE don't forget to add your Sl name, else I'm not going to have a clue who to send goodies to.


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