A little ego pat now and then never hurts...

As some of you already know, I've been spending the last couple of days trying to get the insanity that is my store inventory under control. It is one of those long, somewhat boring, very thankless jobs that I will fully admit, I tend to let slip a little (a lot) behind from time to time (quite often). When I signed into Sl this morning it was to work at this chore again, and so I can't really say that I was looking that forward to the day. However... waiting for me when I got online was an IM from Natalie Oe.

It contained a link, and a note that she had reviewed a couple of my newer items. By now y'all know that the designer ego in me LOVES when this happens, so of course the rest of the day has just been peachy, regardless of the work at hand. They were both glowing reviews too, which certainly helped in lifting my spirits.

To read this article go to: http://recommenditdsl.wordpress.com/

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