~The Flutterbye Collection~

Original release date: November 12, 2008

Got some amazing stuff for you this month folks, and this here is just the beginning of it. I’m going to try to make this as quick as possible, as that I am DYING to get back to work on the next project for you this month… but I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag on that one just yet. So, without further ado, let me introduce to you my latest full scale project; ~The Flutterbye Collection~.
This entire set was inspired by a single ring I recently purchased in the really real world. It was intended to be just rings… but… well, that just wouldn’t be me, would it? I got to say, by the time I was even partly through working on this stuff, the ring that started it all seemed terribly pale and boring by comparison, but that’s the disappointment of reality vs. a world of our own creation sometimes. What came out in the end was necklaces, chokers, anklets, armbands, bracelets, rings, toe rings, earrings, nipple rings, belly dangles and of course my big box fullset package that saves you nearly half of the total price. And, with it all, you get the choice of either gold or silver.
Many of the pieces in this set are adorned with delicate flexi-dangles (for lack of a better name) that shimmer quite nicely when your AV moves. And, as I’m so fond of doing, I added in the texture change ability for the gems stones on all pieces. Truth is, this, like many of my sets, looks great in a variety of gems, but I just don’t see the point in asking y’all to pay for them individually. Plus, I just like options damn it! Personally, I’m a lot more likely to dole out my hard earned lindens on things that allow for a little play and variety then on something that is nothing more then it initially appears to be. I was asked recently why I so often do my vendor photos using the garnet stone… it is my real world birthstone, and I didn’t even realize I was showing a preference to it till it was pointed out to me. If you’d like to see how the jewellery looks in other gemstones, ask one of my in store models to demonstrate it for you while you’re in, but I assure you, each gem looks as lovely as the next. I put A LOT of time into perfecting the stones I use in my jewellery, and I’m pretty confidant you’d be hard pressed to find better textures. There is also a very subtle glow added to the sheer diamond shards in each piece of this set. It gave a lovely shimmer effect I just couldn’t pass up.

The Breakdown:

Necklaces: $ 300 L

Chokers: $ 275 L

Armbands: $ 250 L

Bracelets: $ 250 L

Anklets: $ 250 L

Toe Rings: $ 150 L

Earrings: $ 150 L

Rings: $ 150 L

Belly Dangles: $ 150 L

Nipple Rings: $ 200 L

Jewellery Fullsets: $ 1250 L (worth $ 2175 when pieces are purchased individually)

This jewellery is a very delicate, unique twist on a very classic idea. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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