~The Atlantis I Collection~

Original Release: May 2007

This is a momentous occasion; the first post on a current item! Meaning, essentially, I am finally up to date and can slow it down a little.

Allow me to introduce ~The Atlantis I Collection~. It has been an incredibly busy month for me, and this collection nearly didn't make it out as a May release at all, but given the fact that I have kept a record of releasing at least one collection a month since I began my SL designer career, I worked my butt off to make it happen.
I have long wanted to do an Atlantis project, but it wasn't until early this month that I found my inspiration. It all began late one evening when, having tired of sorting my inventory, i started playing with prims. I wasn't intending on building anything truly. Wasn't even in an experimental sort of mood. I was really just playing with prims for lack of anything better to do, and an interesting shape began to take form. The next day I began work on the project, but was intterupted before long to.... well, what that interruption was I promise to share with you soon dear readers, but for now let's just say that I was called away to other things for a couple of weeks.
When finally I had the time and ambition to get back to work on the Atlantis project, I was nearly certain there was no way I'd be able to complete it in time to release a new collection by the end of May, but as someone near and dear to my heart pointed out as the work on this project came to a close, I am a very driven woman when I get something in my mind, and would stop at nearly nothing to meet my own deadlines.
This is the first of a planned 2 part collection, however, I have no plans of beginning on the second instalment immediately, as that there is something else pulling at the strings of my grand interest right now.

This collection consists of some very cool silks and jewellery, all focusing around 4 brilliant crystals (Obsidian, Amethyst, Blue Calcite and Quartz) working in unison with 4 different power sources. Each piece from silk to ring features spinning orbs of Earth, Lightening, Galaxy or Moon powers. This time around I chose to go with three different metals; gold, silver and Black shine.
(shown above: Obsidian Crystal with Spinning Lightening Orb Necklace in Silver)Very fine delicate lines on each piece. So delicate in fact, that taking the perfect pictures this time around proved to be a major test of patience. The rings for this collection turned out to be an instant fave for me, surprisingly enough.(shown on right: Spinning Earth Orb Ring in silver) (shown on left: Quartz Crystal with Spinning Galaxy orb earrings in gold)They were not even part of the original plan at all, but were done at the end when a smart woman would have counted herself finished and moved on. It was at the insistence of my RL daughter though that I make the rings, and I absolutely love them. (shown on left: Quartz chip and spinning galaxy orb bracelet)But then again, I love everything I make, if I didn't, I would never bother to put it in my stores. The coolest thing about this collection in my personal opinion is the moving parts. There is no cheazyness to it, just a very cool, very subtle effect that I personally adore. The tiny crystal chips in the bracelets and earrings move slightly slower and in the opposite direction of the orbs themselves, but it is so subtle that you would never notice if you were not intentionally looking for it.(shown on right:Blue Calcite crystal with spinning earth orb choker in silver)
The real accomplishment in this project however, was not in the jewellery, but in the silks. They were not an original part of the plan, but I am used to projects getting a lot more out of control then this one managed to do. (shown on right:Blue Calcite and spinning earth orb silks in gold shown on on left:Obsidian and spinning lightening orb silks in gold)
Each set of silks comes with the gold, silver and black shine versions.
Unfortunately, pictures rarely do my work justice, and that is even more true in this case, but these silks are all prim perfection.

So that's ~The Atlantis I Collection~ in a nutshell... no shoes this time around, but that's something I intend to remedy in the second instalment.

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