~The Sweethearts Collection~

Original Release: February 2006 This entirely line was delicately crafted through hours upon hours of hard work and dedication to bring once again, something new to the table, and something of complete quality to my customers.
Originally it was released only in gold, but after several requests, I added a silver addition shortly after. The collection started out once again with the simple desire to make myself a great necklace (this time however, I did have intentions of course to release it to the public as well), and once again, this collection managed to take on a life of its own and get entirely out of my control.
The Rundown:
This heart shaped box is scripted to open on touch and provides eye pleasing storage for everything from jewellery to special keepsakes. The inside of the lid is inscribed with one of my own personal love quotes. (the silver version comes sans quote)

A great frame to place your fave photos

These were my first attempt at heels and are available in
two different versions; stilettos and stilettos sandals. There are tiny ruby heart gems stratigically placed throughout both versions of these shoes, and wear a lot more like jewellery for the feet.
There are 17 pieces to the woman's jewellery in this collection, in both the gold and silver versions; 2 different bracelets, armbands (counted as one item) choker, delicate chain necklace, belly belt, lip stud, nose stud, 2 different anklets, 4 different rings, toe ring, belly ring and earrings. (Each piece was crafted with combinations of the following; heart etched gold or brushed silver, tiny ruby heart gems and pendants or tiny tourmaline heart gems and pendants. Ruby heart cluster gems and pendants, or tourmaline heart cluster gems and pendants.)
The men's jewellery is made up of only 4 pieces for each metal and feature a gorgeous, yet masculine, Celtic love knot. I am told at least once daily
that I should concentrate on putting out a lot more items for men, and the only response I can honestly give is, "It's on my list."
At the time when I made these, I believed them to be the sexiest set of silks in Sl (yes, I'm just that modest:P). I have updated that opinion only because of a current project, but that's another store altogether. Like all of my previous silks, these wear a lot more like jewellery then clothing. they can be purchased alone, or in a combo pack along side the silk gown from this
collection to enable the whole 'mix and match' option. The gown is positively the cream of the crop. One of the things that bothers me a little about Sl clothing is the fact that flex is almost always designed to sink into the AV, which to me often appears messy. I wanted to make something that existed on its own, without a skirt base, but that wasn't enormous, just simply feminine and sexy. This was the outcome of that desire.
So that's the ~Sweethearts Collection~ in a nutshell.

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