One of the most important thing in any buisness, RL or SL is publicity. And one of the hardest things I have faced in my SL buisnesslife is well, getting press. Go figure. Truth of the matter is that I would way prefer to have my head down messing with prims then doing publicity type stuff, and the few times I have put a lot of time and/or effort into gaining said publicity, I've ended up feeling a little flat (for example, sending nearly $15,000 L worth of goodies to the girls at Linden Lifestyles and being met with eerie silence). Tsk tsk for that. I've been advised to put a little more time into my self promotions, and as such, this blog was created along with a wave of other 'experiments'.

Anywho, from here on out I'll try to keep track of any and all press mention I manage to snag.

(from my first involvment with an SL fashion show...)

Thursday, February 22
6PM - CZ Designs Fashion Show CZ Designs presents a Gala Fashion show featuring a sneak preview of Mamaa's Creations spring lineup and the latest creations from Aries Celestial Designs. Also introducing corset tops from their newest designer Dana's Studio. At Solang (74, 17).
from: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2007/02/riks_picks_for__2.html

from: http://www.the-avastar.com/slife/jsp/microsite/pages/index.jsp

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