~The Mayan Collection~

Original Release: January 2007

(above: entire Mayan Gold collection- 2 pairs of sandals, 4 sets of silks and 2 sets of jewellery using our famous Mayan gold, 2 stones and 3 fabrics)
This collection began entirely by accident really. It is one half of a two collection project that was initially only meant to be ~The Egyptian Collection~. They Mayan set was breathed into life after the simple discovery of a single beautiful texture, and everything else is history.
Everything in this collection is made entirely of prim work that took hours upon hours to perfect. ~The Mayan Collection~ is composed of two precious metals, (gold and silver) 4 beautiful gems (Mayan stone and Mayan zodiac, Mayan shield and Mayan Jungle) and six amazing fabrics. The entire Mayan collection includes 8 sets of the most unique silks you can find in the game (linked gems line the waist and chest), 4 sets of prim sandals (still one of my most popular items) and 4 full sets of jewellery. I do not sell the jewellery in stores in individual pieces, but do have a price list for each piece and am happy to doll them out via IM’s (I have been meaning to put the individual pieces up on SL exchange for some time… it is still on my unofficial list of to-dos that I never seem to have time to get to). (above: Mayan silver sandals with jungle scene gems)

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