~The Wild Rose Collection~

Original Release: March 2007 This was a fun collection to work on, and actually served to teach me a lot along the way. It consists of jewellery in three different metals (silver, gold and red-tinted gold), clothing and shoes.
I used delicate chain links for the bulk of the jewellery collection, and adorned each piece with petite wild rose diamonds and wild rose pendants. This was the first (and likely only) collection to date I've used bling with. I know that bling is hugely popular all over SL, and I respect that, but I quite honestly hate the stuff. It's gawdy and flashy and drives me up the wall. However, at the suggestion of others, I did add bling into this set, and I admit, it does look a little pretty to me when it flashes, but when I wear this stuff, I tend to turn the bling off within minutes.
There are 12 pieces of jewellery in all, each piece made one tiny prim at a time and taking hours upon hours to complete.
There are only two outfits with this collection, the rose and the red rose sets (each set comes with corset, shorts, pants and flex skirt) and 4 pairs of shoes, rose and red rose stilettos and stilleto sandals.
I'd be tempted to say this was one collection that didn't get wildly out of control on me, if it were not for the fact that this was NEVER intended to be a collection. I'd taken a couple of weeks off designing for my stores to do some other things I'd been putting off, and and was feeling 'out of touch' with my building skills. I started the first piece of this collection (the wild rose metal ring necklace) to just sort of warm myself back up... and then before I knew it, it had become a full blown project.

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