~The Egyptian Collection~

Original Release: January 2007

(above: entire Egyptian Gold collection- 2 pairs of sandals, 4 sets of silks and 2 sets of jewellery using our famous Mayan gold, 2 stones and 3 fabrics)

Truly one of my most prized creations, ~The Egyptian Collection~ all began from the simple desire to abuse the hell out of prims.

I have long been in love with all things Egyptian, and wanted to create something different to bring into SL. I can’t recall where (if anywhere) my inspiration for this set came from other then the textures themselves. It began with the top, linked gems leading from a collar, following the dip of the breast and leading around the back. By the time I got to making the skirt, the project had already gone out of control in my mind. There were actually more parts to this collection then ever made it to my stores… they’ve fallen into my personal use folder with the possibility of eventually making it into a second ~Egyptian Collection~ (always an intention for me to create a second) down the road.
This collection includes 8 sets of original silks, 2 sets of prim sandals and 2 full sets of jewellery. There are two precious metals (snake skin gold and scarab silver) 4 gorgeous gems and 5 pretty fabrics.
(above: 9 piece Egyptian gold with peacock gem jewellery set)
Though a few months old now, this collection is still my most popular in stores, especially the sandals, despite my ugly newbie toes in the pix.

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